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Product Name:  HP-M80
Item no.:  HP-M80
Place of Origin:  China
Brand Name: 

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HP-M80 monitoring headphone features stylish foldable design and unique
appearance, the whole design is in accord with somatology;
Retractable headbend design, suitable for wearing by everybody. 90 degree swivel
earpieces, easy to monitoring by single ear; it is convenient to put, fold and carrying;
With the characteristics of complete closed air design and strong ambient noise
preventing function, HP-M80 has a perfect monitoring effect even in the noisy ambient.
Soft leatherette ear cushions made by special material, comfortable and well
covered,can prevent ambient noise perfectly. With a pair of additional velvet
earcaps, convenient for alternate using according to personal need;
Excellent sound feature due to the new generation of 53mm large driver unit, high
impedance(120ヘ), clear treble, mellow super bass and balanced & wide mid-range
Oneside cable with screw-on jack, duct and spiral design, can keep good
connection and prevent noise, make it more convenient to use especially when
many equipments working together;
Suitable for such situations as DJ, recording studio, personal monitoring, etc.
Loudhailer Diameter: ∷53mm
Impedance: 120ヘ
Sensitivity: 108dB【3
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
Max. Power: 600mW
Cable Length: í4mm x 1.2m spiral cable,(about 4m when fully extended)
Plug: í3.5mm+í6.3mm stereo

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