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Ningbo AYM Electroacoustic Technology Co.,Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer which has been in research and development of professional mics and mic accessories for many years. The mic products mainly include tube mics,condenser mics,instrument mics, drum mics, USB mics and so on; the professional accessory products mainly include large diaphragm capsules,  shock mounts,phantom power supply, pop filters, mic stands , etc.
With advance equipments such as No-dust room、 100-level depurated workbenches、DAAS from Germany、audio frequency analyzer、electroacoustic analysis system and anechoic room, we can make sure the consistency and stability of products.
Welcome worldwide customers OEM and ODM with us, we will try our best to offer you high quality products and the best service.

Our products mainly include tube mics、studio condenser mics、instrument mics、USB mics、large diaphragm capsules、shock mounts、phantom power supply、pop filters and mic stands etc.


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Condenser Microphone
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LCD module

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