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Ningbo AYM Electroacoustic Technology Co.,Ltd. is a specialized Condenser Microphone which has been in research and development of professional mics and mic accessories for many years. The mic products mainly include tube mics,Condenser Microphone,instrument mics, drum mics, USB mics and so on; the professional accessory products mainly include large diaphragm capsules, shock mounts,phantom power supply, pop filters, mic stands , etc.

The ability to use proper microphone technique to bring out the best in your voice is indicative of a true voice over professional. Learning and utilizing proper microphone technique is incredibly helpful when it comes to editing, mixing and producing great voice overs. For a voice talent, knowing how to: avoid plosives, adjust for dynamics, and "work" the microphone so that it will enhance the emotion of the delivery are essential skills. Expertly applying these skills helps a recorded voice track fit into a mix almost effortlessly.
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